My Employment Page

This is my next contract Job.

The first is the job details. The second picture is where I have to go. This is a cultural event that will be taking place. The location of service is very remote. Located along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. If you know where Drayton Valley is that is kind of close to where I have to go to deliver this service/message. This is what I do for work. Sometimes it’s good like over the summer when the roads are good. Soon it will be December and that’s when the event will take place. Traveling in December is tough especially when it’s to such a remote place. I am thinking about going into the consulting business with First Nations in Canada and Alberta. This consulting job just came up and I had the requirements to do it so my boss suggested I go for it. This is actually my second consulting job that I have done. The first was done with Ermineskin Cree Nation in Alberta. This job will be for the Samson Cree Nation.

One of my biggest accomplishments was when I built a computer server for my last employer. I had to hire a person to configure it to a website server because there’s some skills I am still learning. I installed Kaspersky server anti-virus on this server as well. The Windows server operating system 2012 was installed by myself. I built this server from the mother board. It was a custom computer server project. So that’s one job I still remember to this day.

These are jobs that I have held over the years.  The list will begin with current employment to past employment.

  1. Samson Cree Nation Newsletter Editor.
  2. Samson Management Ltd. I.T. Technician.
  3. Maskwacis Cultural College I.T. Manager.
  4. Ermineskin Tribal Enterprises Newsletter Editor.
  5. Pipestone Flyer Reporter.